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XBRL Starting to Bubble-Up to the Comment Letter Surface?

One of the questions that SEC reporting companies have asked about XBRL (among the many questions we ask about XBRL!) is when will the SEC start to write comments about XBRL submissions?

Very few companies have ever seen a comment letter include any mention of their XBRL submissions.

It appears that comments may be starting to be issued about XBRL.  One of the ways the SEC sends messages in in a kind of generic comment letter that they call a “Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies”, which we refer to as a “Dear CFO Letter”.

While this seems to lack the impact of a comment letter sent directly to a company, the Dear CFO Letter is actually just as important as a directly received comment letter.  It is a message to a broad group of companies about an issue that the SEC thinks is pervasive, and is, in essence, a broadly transmitted comment letter.

The most recent Dear CFO Letter actually deals with XBRL!  You can find it at:


The letter reminds registrants to be sure to include all calculation relationships.

It also includes this language:

“Acceptance of your filing by EDGAR does not mean that your filing is complete or in compliance with the Commission’s requirements.”

This Dear CFO letter coupled with the XBRL report we blogged about last week could be the start of a greater emphasis on XBRL matters in filings.

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