Leases Update – Final Standard Drafting Underway!

For years we have been watching the FASB/IASB project on lease accounting. And many of us wonder whether or not this project will ever finish. Well, checkout what the FASB is saying about their meeting this Wednesday, May 13. Yes, they are working on the project, working on it carefully and diligently and are actually in the process of drafting a final standard!

Wednesday May 13. 2015:

FASB Board Meeting, 9:00 a.m. EDT

  1. Leases. The Board will continue redeliberations of its May 2013 Exposure Draft, Leases, specifically discussing issues that have arisen during the drafting of the final standard.

They have said they hope to issue the final standard before the end of this year!

You can learn more at:

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