Watch Out – Instructions to Form 10-K Typo’s?

In all our workshops we always advise everyone to check the SEC’s webpage for the latest version of the instructions whenever it is 10-K or 10-Q time. And, recently, the SEC put updated instructions for Form 10-K on their webpage.

But this update has an interesting twist!

The updated instructions do not have any major changes. The only really new instructions relate to asset-backed issuers.

That said, there is something really strange about the new instructions. Check them out at:

Now, as you read them check out the cover page and as you look at the second line it says:

“For the fiscal yar ended”

While this looks like it might be a typo, we know the SEC is always VERY CAREFUL when they make these changes, and we think in all likelihood there has been some sort of a technical problem in the process of converting the instructions to PDF form and uploading them to the webpage.

So, how should we react? Should we literally follow these instructions? Include the likely technical issue errors?

Obviously NOT!

In fact, don’t forget what General Instruction C(1) says:

This form is not to be used as a blank form to be filled in, but only as a guide in the preparation of the report on paper meeting the requirements of Rule 12b-12. Except as provided in General Instruction G, the answers to the items shall be prepared in the manner specified in Rule 12b-13.

So, do it right!

As a last note, the 10-Q instructions have not been changed, but as we approach the First Quarter Form 10-Q, watch for updates!

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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