A New “Dear CFO” Letter – Securities Offerings and Price Volatility

It has been a while since CorpFin issued a “Dear CFO” letter.  These sample comment letters, which historically started with the salutation “Dear CFO,” advise companies about rapidly emerging disclosure and accounting concerns.  On February 8, 2021, with an update in the salutation to “Dear Issuer,” the staff issued this “Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Securities Offerings During Times of Extreme Price Volatility.”

Among the issues the sample letter addresses are:

  • Providing an appropriate description of the volatility of the company’s stock price,
  • Including risk factors addressing price volatility, and
  • Explaining the effects of a potential “short squeeze” on investors.

In these times of volatility and change it will be interesting to see how many “Dear Issuer” letters the SEC promulgates.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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