SEC Updates Staff Guidance for Conducting Shareholder Meetings in Light of COVID-19 Concerns

On April 7, 2020 the SEC staff updated their guidance about annual meeting processes during the period of disruption cause by COVID-19.  The principle changes are:

The addition of a new section about delays in printing and mailing of full set of proxy materials

An update to clarify that the section on changes in date, time, and location applies to special meetings

An update by the Division of Investment Management to the section on changes in date, time, and location of a shareholder meeting addressing meetings held by investment companies in connection with business combinations or certain other transactions

If you would like more background about this guidance you can listen to the archived version of this complimentary One-Hour Briefing “COVID-19 Challenges for First Quarter 2020 Form 10-Q and Annual Meetings” and this blog post from March 13, 2020 about the original staff guidance.

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