COVID-19 and Impairment – A One-Hour Briefing on April 3

Coming to grips with how the uncertainty and disruption created by COVID-19 affects impairment testing will be a crucial part of this quarter-end.  To help SEC reporting professionals through this process, the SEC Institute Division of PLI will present a complimentary One-Hour Briefing – Impairment Testing Considerations for Quarter One in the 2020 Coronavirus Environment, on April 3, 2020 at 3 PM EDT.

Leading the discussion will be SEC Institute workshop leaders Bob Laux and George Wilson.  In this briefing you will:

  • Recall and review the steps in the impairment testing processes for:
    • Plant assets
    • Intangible assets
    • Goodwill
  • Understand the order in which to perform impairment tests
  • List impairment testing considerations in the current environment for each category of the impairment test

The program will include several examples of common challenges and problems in performing impairment tests as well as a number of example SEC comments.  You can register for the program here.

You can find all of PLI’s COVID-19 related programs here.  New programs are added on a regular basis and are archived so that you can view them later at your convenience.  All programs are provided without charge.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

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