A Podcast for Securities Information and Some Real Fun!

An enjoyable and positive way to spend time during this period of disruption and uncertainty is listening to new podcasts.  Several weeks ago PLI launched the inSecurities Podcast, an in-depth podcast examining changes to securities rules, regulations, and cases from a practitioner’s perspective in both law and accounting.  The podcast is hosted by Chris Ekimoff, a forensic accountant, and Kurt Wolfe, a securities regulatory attorney.  They provide a wonderfully balanced and entertaining perspective on securities issues ranging from insider trading to whistleblowing.  You can find the podcast here and also at such podcast providers as Apple and Spotify.

If you’d like a good starting point, Episode 4 is a deep dive into insider trading, Episode 5 features a market structure discussion with former SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson and George Mason University Law Professor J.W. Verret, and Episode 6 delves into whistleblower issues, all fascinating discussions.

Beyond great information and interesting content, be sure to listen to their acronym bingo episode which is hopefully coming soon!

We hope this helps you use your time in a valuable way during this period, and as always, your thoughts and comments are welcome!

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