Hey SEC, What’s on the Agenda?

By: George M. Wilson, SEC Institute

We periodically post information from the FASB’s agenda to get a sense of the direction of accounting standard setting. When it comes to SEC rulemaking however it can be a bit harder to get a sense of what is in process. The SEC’s webpage does not have as straightforward a list of projects in process as the FASB’s agenda. The SEC’s agenda is compiled and included in the semiannual Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions which is compiled by the Regulatory Information Service Center, a component of the U.S. General Services Administration along with the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.


One issue in past SEC agenda setting is that the lists in the Unified Agenda were perhaps a bit of a “wish list” and might include more than could be done in the Unified Agenda’s regulatory one-year time horizon. The current leadership at the SEC has taken a different tack with this list and tried to build an agenda that can, hopefully, be accomplished in a one-year time horizon.


This agenda is maintained in the government’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. As you can see the agenda is not encyclopedic, but does touch on a variety of areas. It is also worth noting how many of the areas on the agenda deal with disclosure effectiveness and modernization.


Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to Financial Disclosures About Acquired Businesses 3235-AL77
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Guide 3 Bank Holding Company Disclosure 3235-AL79
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to Implement FAST Act Report 3235-AM00
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Disclosure of Payments by Resource Extraction Issuers 3235-AM06
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to the Financial Disclosures for Registered Debt Security Offerings 3235-AM12
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Exchange-Traded Funds 3235-AJ60
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Enhanced Disclosure for Separate Accounts Registered as Unit Investment Trusts and Offering Variable Annuities 3235-AK60
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Personalized Investment Advice Standard of Conduct 3235-AL27
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to Securities Act Rules Under the Fair Access to Investment Research Act of 2017 3235-AM24
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Transaction Fee Pilot 3235-AM04
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Prohibitions and Restrictions on Proprietary Trading and Certain Relationships With Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds 3235-AM10
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Harmonization of Certain Title VII Rules 3235-AM13
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Auditor Independence With Respect to Loans or Debtor-Creditor Relationships 3235-AM01
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Proposed Amendment to Rule for Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations 3235-AM05
SEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to the Commission’s Whistleblower Program Rules 3235-AM11
SEC Final Rule Stage Treatment of Certain Communications Involving Security-Based Swaps That May be Purchased Only by Eligible Contract Participants 3235-AL41
SEC Final Rule Stage Amendments to Interactive Data (XBRL) Program 3235-AL59
SEC Final Rule Stage Modernization of Property Disclosures for Mining Registrants 3235-AL81
SEC Final Rule Stage Disclosure Update and Simplification 3235-AL82
SEC Final Rule Stage Amendments to Smaller Reporting Company Definition 3235-AL90
SEC Final Rule Stage Investment Company Reporting Modernization; Option for Website Transmission of Shareholder Reports 3235-AL42
SEC Final Rule Stage Amendments to Investment Advisers Act Rules to Conform to the FAST Act 3235-AM02
SEC Final Rule Stage Regulation of NMS Stock Alternative Trading Systems 3235-AL66
SEC Final Rule Stage Disclosure of Order Handling Information 3235-AL67
SEC Final Rule Stage Covered Securities Pursuant to Section 18 of the Securities Act of 1933 3235-AM07
SEC Final Rule Stage Amendments to Municipal Securities Rules 3235-AL97



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