Understanding the Interplay between Company’s Financial Statements and SEC Reporting – Key to grasping MD&A for Lawyers


Lawyers involved in the preparation, drafting and review of SEC filings often struggle with Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operation (“MD&A”) as it involves not only an understanding of the company’s business, but an ability to understand the company’s financial statement information and how it intersects with the SEC reporting process. Register today to attend our upcoming live workshop, MD&A In-Depth Workshop for Lawyers 2016 being offered October 18th in San Francisco, October 26th in Chicago and November 4th in New York City. This Workshop will help you build an in-depth understanding of how the financial statements fit together, the information they provide, and how to use financial statement information to make appropriate MD&A disclosures about financial position, changes in financial position, liquidity, results of operations, cash flow and other areas.


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