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As many of us discovered in the run-up to the first Form SD for reporting about conflict minerals (which was due June 2 of this year), there was substantial uncertainty about how to fulfill this Dodd-Frank created reporting obligation. Uncertainty about what sort of procedures should support the report, how to draft the report and late-breaking legal wrangling about the rule were only a few of the challenges in the first compliance cycle.

Hopefully the second year of this requirement will be a bit less chaotic. To help reduce the chaos and hopefully bring some order to the process we are presenting a one-hour briefing on October 24, 2014 entitled:

SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rules: What We Learned from 2013 and What Happens Next

Here is a summary of the briefing:

So what did we learn from the filings? For the 1300+ public companies and over 250,000 private companies that sought to trace the use of 3TG, the Form SDs and CMRs (Conflict Mineral Reports) provide insights into the struggles that companies have within their supply chains to identify sources and manage data, and to report their compliance efforts and results to customers, the SEC and other constituencies. Public company compliance efforts also impact non-reporting suppliers and will impact interactions with supply chains as the next round of due diligence and reporting gets underway.

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