Updates as we Climb the Learning Curve at the SEC Institute Division of PLI

When the Practising Law Institute acquired the programming assets of the old SEC Institute we all knew change was needed.

Since PLI is a not-for-profit organization, trying to be sure we were true to the not-for-profit mission of PLI meant we had to think about new ways to do things.  And, the old SEC Institute model had to be updated to make the programs economically sustainable.

With the transaction not happening until January of this year, we also knew we had to put our plans for 2014 together very quickly.  Just finding locations for our workshops and seminars was a huge challenge, but we did not want to go for half a year without offering  you our programs.

Of course, our first priority was making sure our seminars and workshops hit the same quality mark that you have always expected.

As we hustled to get our calendar out and deal with all of the other tactical issues, we knew we would learn in this process.  And, we have.

From our participant feedback so far this year we are already making changes.

We are changing the facilities we are using, trying to work more in our state-of-the-art PLI training centers where all attendees will find iPads at their seat with electronic access to the course materials, are providing handouts of all presentation materials and will make available electronic copies after the seminars for downloading, and are fine tuning the  hotels to fit your expectations.

For example, we are moving our 10th Annual SEC Reporting & FASB Forum for Mid-sized & Smaller Companies in September back to the Four Seasons in Las Vegas.

And we will now provide lunch to all participants of our workshops and seminars.

We want to keep learning and be sure we offer programs the way you want them to be offered, so the last part of this post is a request for any feedback you have to offer.  We will listen and we will respond.

You can email our instructors, George Wilson or Carol Stacey, or our program attorney, Robin Goldstein at the email addresses below.

Thank you for taking time to help us!




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