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IFRS – The SAGA Continues

As most accountants have heard, Jim Schnurr, the new Chief Accountant at the SEC has been speaking about the SEC possibly continuing to consider the use of IFRS by domestic companies.

At the AICPA’s annual SEC/PCAOB conference in Washington, DC on Monday he delivered his latest update on the status of IFRS, and you can read that speech at:


In his speech he said “When I arrived at the Commission two months ago, Chair White asked me to take a hard look at where the staff had been on the issue and make a recommendation to her as to the path forward.”

While he did not say anything definite, it is clear the IFRS is no longer on the back burner!

He also said “Based on the progress of our collective efforts, I am hopeful to be in a position in the coming months to commence discussions with the Chair and the Commissioners about the different alternatives for potential further incorporation of IFRS and the related issues/concerns of each alternative with the objective of reaching a recommendation on what, if any, further incorporation or use of IFRS by US registrants would be permitted or required. And, of course, any rulemaking proposal that the Commission decides to consider would be subject to the normal notice and comment process.”

In the Q&A session Mr Schnurr elaborated on some ideas to incorporate, perhaps electively, IFRS information (in adition to US GAAP financial statements) into US registrant’s filings that would be useful for investors when comparing US registrants using US GAAP and those using IFRS. The ideas run the gamut of including IFRS measures in Selected Financial Data, IFRS data in MD&A, non-GAAP measures calculated using IFRS, and full financial statements in IFRS. He asked for feedback on these areas and input on additional ideas to consider.

So, this will not be a speedy process……

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When-fore art thou revenue recognition?

With every revenue recognition workshop we have presented to date participants have had strong opinions on the new standard’s implementation date. (For public companies the new standard must be implemented for periods beginning after December 15, 2016, years after December 15, 2017 for non-public companies.)

The FASB and IASB put this date into the public discussion well before the final standard was issued. That said, as soon as the final standard was published late last May constituents began voicing concerns about the feasibility of meeting this date. (Yes, given the protracted timing building new accounting standards many of us still don’t pay attention to the standard setting process until the new standard is final!)

In June and July, after feedback from constituents about the effective date began to flow in, the board indicated that they would be listening and be ready to react to this feedback.

At the Transition Resource Group meeting on October 31, 2015, it became clear that, as they always do, the board is listening.   At this meeting of the FASB Vice Chair Jim Kroeker announced that the Board and the FASB Staff will conduct additional outreach with both public and private companies over the next several months to gauge their progress in preparing to implement the new revenue recognition standard.

Mr. Kroeker emphasized that the Board is considering whether or not to defer the effective date of the new revenue standard. He also said that a decision will be made no later than the second quarter of 2015.

You can check out the archived webcast of the entire TRG meeting at:


As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated!

Do you think the date should be deferred? Lets us know, and we will summarize everyone’s thoughts!